How to start The Teal Mask DLC in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The first of two announced DLC expansions for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has hit, called The Teal Mask. Both DLCs will introduce new places, items, moves, and, most importantly, Pokémon to catch, train, and befriend. This initial adventure will take your trainer to the Land of Kitakami, but excited trainers might be at a loss for how to actually access the new area and content. Because it’s integrated directly into the main game, and not an option you can select from the menu, you will need to know how to reach the DLC. This won’t take long, so here’s how to access The Teal Mask in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet so you can continue your Pokémon journey.

How to access The Teal Mask DLC

A trainer talking to Jacq on a stone path.
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After purchasing and installing the DLC for your specific version of Pokémon Scarlet or Violet, either load up your save or start a new game. You will need to either play up through, or have a save already past, The First Day of School chapter. Once you are past that point, you will automatically get a call from Jacq telling you about an annual trip to Kitakami that you, as it just so happens, will be chosen to attend.

To make your way to the new location, fast-travel back to the Academy and talk to Brair in the lobby. After a quick scene with them and Jacq, you can then speak to Brair again to be given the option to go to the Land of Kitakami. After going there the first time, you will get a new map and be able to warp freely between Paldea and Kitakami whenever you wish.

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