How to Stop Steam Overlay [Full Guide]

Hey How are you? Maybe Are You Looking How to Stop Steam Overlay? Steam is the well-known program that allows purchase of games directly into the profiles of the users and installs them into the computer. It is a digital platform to serve as a distributor of PC games.

Steam provides its users with the regular updates to their games, fixture patches, and downloadable contents. As it is a large online platform, the users can play online games with their friends, can chat with them and on top of that, it gives the liberty to share games with the other users of the platform through Steam Overlay.

Best Ways To Stop Steam Overlay [Step By Step]

How to Stop Steam Overlay

Among many other notable features, steam gives the players the liberty to access many steam community features while playing games through the Steam Community Overlay. Players can access their friend’s list, can chat between them, as well as receive chat invites. Moreover, if a game offers item purchases, skins and other add-ons for the game characters and any other type of in game purchases, steam overlay is required.

Sometimes during the game, you wish to capture the game for your own record or to share online for others to see your gaming performance and the game’s experience, the overlay application is required to do so. It can capture screenshots.

During your progression with the game, the overlay interface gives the players the liberty to access other exclusive features that are only steam online exclusive.

With that being said, if you are in the middle of the game and want to let your friends join you in the fun or you may want to buy some in game content, you can do so via the Steam Overlay feature. It is a kind of user interface, which can be activated over the top of any game, which is launched through steam. It provides access to chat with friends, open a web browser, and for downloading the downloadable content of a game.

How Does Steam Overlay Effetcts Your Gaming Experience:

For an average gaming PC, a good configuration of the hardware is the pre-condition. For instance, if you are playing a game which is launched through steam, using the Steam overlay option may cause performance issues to your computer leading to a drop in frame rates or a slower loading time and other problems in playing games.

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However, if your computer has decent hardware specifications, then using the steam overlay is not an issue for you. In case you do not want to steam overlay during any game or a specific game launched via steam or you do not want any of your steam friends to connect with you while you are in the middle of the game, you can always disable the steam overlay.

Here is what you need to do to Stop Steam Overlay for all games or any game of your choice where you do not want to be interfered with and neither want to compromise on the gaming experience.

Stopping Steam Overlay For A Specific Game:

STEP 1: Open Steam application, and from your games library, select the game you want to disable screen overlay for by clicking on it for once. Then right click to open the options menu and select “Properties”.


In this case, let assume that we want to disable overlay for “LA Noir” game only. All we have to do is to click once on the game from among the list of games and then go to preferences as shown in the above picture.

STEP 2: A new tab will open when you click on the properties option. In the general tab of the newly opened window, make sure you uncheck “Enable steam overlay while in-game” and then click “Ok” to save your settings.


Now the overlay is disabled for a specific game and you will not be prompted for anything during your time the game for which you have disabled the steam overlay.

On the other hand, you can also disable overlay for all the games in your steam’s library and here is how you can do it.

Stopping Steam Overlay For All Games:

STEP 1: Go to steam tab at the top left corner of the screen and open “settings” from there as;


STEP 2: In the settings tab, click on the “In-game” option. Another small pop up wind will open and make sure you uncheck “the steam overlay while in-game”. Click “OK” to save your settings and you are all done. 


The Steam overlay has been disabled and you are no longer bothered during the game. This will provide you a smooth gaming experience without having to compromise on the performance of your computer.

Conclusion : Steam platform gives the players the liberty to not only purchase their favorite games online and play them as they desire, but it also provides features like that of in game chat with the other online players a quick access to the downloadable content of the game, and other add-ons through the overlay functionality. However, you can always disable the steam overlay not only for all games but for a specific game as well to keep yourself immersed in uninterrupted gaming by following the above mentioned steps.

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