How to Update Xbox Controller on Windows 10 [100% Working]

Hello friends, are you searching on the internet for  How to Update Xbox Controller on Windows 10 If yes then this is the right place for you. Do you play games on your computer using XBOX controllers? Have you ever thought of updating it to the latest firmware from your computer? Well, you can update your XBOX controller on windows 10. But before going directly to the procedure, let’s just start from the beginning. 

XBOX does not need any introduction. It’s a common name worldwide and every person that uses a computer is well familiar with XBOX as well. It is a video gaming console owned and licensed by Microsoft. It was first released back in 2001 and since then Microsoft has released several generations of XBOX consoles to date.

Every console came with the controllers as an essential part of the console which is, of course, necessary to play any game or control the console’s operation.  The controllers were primarily used as main controllers for the XBOX One and XBOX series but Microsoft also added support for using it on Windows-based computers, Linux and other operating systems. 

Microsoft made sure that the players got the best experience while playing games, and for that, it provided updates to the software on the XBOX consoles but also updated the controllers as well with the latest firmwares to enhance its operation. These firmware updates are very important in order to get better gaming experience. The updates ensure various improvements in the controllers, such as enhancement for headset, support for games and many other features.

Although it is not necessary to update your controller, updating it will surely improve the user experience. You can also update xbox controllers via your xbox console as well.  In case you happen to be a xbox user and are away from your console yet want to update your controllers on your computer, or you use xbox controllers to play games on your computer and want to update it via your computer, we will guide you on how you can update your XBOX controllers on your computer running windows 10 to the latest firmware. 

Best Way to Update Xbox Controller on WINDOWS 10

How to Update Xbox Controller on Windows 10

You need to follow the below stated easy steps to update your controllers.

1.Install “Xbox Accessories” On Your Computer.

If you do not have Xbox Accessories installed on your computer, you need to Install “Xbox Accessories” at first otherwise, jump to step 3 below for your procedure if you have this application installed in your computer. You need to install this application to check for the latest firmware for your controller released by microsoft. Assuming that you do not have xbox accessories installed, To install it, go to the “Microsoft Store” and search for “xbox accessories” in the search bar of the store. (Make sure you have a valid microsoft ID to use Microsoft Store). Install “Xbox accessories” on your computer from Microsoft Store. 


2.Connect Xbox Controller To Your Computer.

Once you are done with installing “Xbox Accessories” on your computer, you need to connect your xbox controllers to your computer. If you have wireless controllers, you can connect it to your computer wirelessly. However, it is recommended that you connect your  xbox controllers with your computer via USB to avoid any risk during the update process. 

3.Launch Xbox Accessories Application.

You need to launch the newly installed xbox accessories application. As you open the application with your controllers connected to your computer via USB, the application will automatically detect your controllers. 


Click on the “…” tab below the “Configure” tab to open the information section of your controller. Here you can see the battery status of your controllers as well as the firmware version of the controller installed on your controller. You will also see the latest firmware update here if there is any available. 


In the next step, the application will show you if there is any firmware update available for your controller on the top left side of the application screen. If you do not see any message relating to the firmware, that means your controller has the latest updates already installed. In case the application shows an update, you need to click on the “firmware version update”. 


The Xbox accessories application will start updating your xbox controller on the latest available firmware. It will take a while to complete the update process. You are advised to better not use the controllers while the update process is in progress. 


Once your update is complete, you are all done. You will be taken back to the previous screen of the application after the update is complete. Your controllers now have been updated to the latest available firmware by Microsoft and you are sure to enjoy the update installed on your controllers. You can cross check the version of the firmware installed by again clicking on “…” button. It will show you the latest firmware version you just updated on your controllers.  Close the application as you have successfully updated the controllers. 


Xbox controllers offer great gaming experience. The updates are vital in enjoying the smooth and updated gaming. Microsoft delivers updates to their xbox controllers and you can update them easily either on your xbox consoles or on your computer in case you are away from your console.

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You can also use this procedure if you are unable to update controllers from your XBOX console due to some error. You can update the controllers from your computer running on windows 10 by following the above stated easy steps. You should also keep checking for the latest firmware updates from the “XBOX ACCESSORIES” application to keep your XBOX controller updated.

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