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Get detailed information on HRMS Railway, it’s Services, Know How to login, HRMS application for split pass, HRMS E-Pass cancellation followed by some FAQs…

Indian Railways is an organization which connects various parts of India including the remote area where there is no proper road connection. There are lakhs of employees working in Indian Railways who make the easy transportation of goods possible.

Indian Railway has brought an HRMS Login portal for the service of their employees which does fill the gap between administration and the employee. The manual process of leave application, transfer, nominations, promotion, benefits and other services will cease manually, as these processes will be all monitored through online.

The services of pay slip generation, salary distribution and other important works are all going to take through Indian Railways HRMS portal. There are option for new candidate to look for works under Indian Railways and as well common citizen can utilize the services.

HRMS Railway

The Indian Railways HRMS portal can be broadly differentiated differently for the benefit of employees. Here are some clear modules which are created for the direct benefit of their employees.

Employee Self Service

Under these modules the Indian Railways employees can interact with management directly and as well get a view of their data. The information of employees which include various day to day workforce details will save here.

Provident fund Advance

Indian Railways bring the provident fund portal for their employees. These services allow you to check the PF balance along with withdrawing the advance if required. The entire process will be online and it will let you feel at ease.

Settlement Module

The Indian Railways module for settlement, the retiring employees who are to given the lump sum amount because the employee can check their pension booklet and their settlement booklet online. The details of bank account and various other things are to add, so that settlement amount credited directly.

Employee Master

These modules store every information of an employee starting from their basic communication address.

Electric Service Record

These modules do get the physic service record of the employee in the digital format. Hence they get every information of employees online for quicker access and retrieval.

Annual Performance Appraisal Report

There are 12 lakhs non gazette Indian Railways employees whose annual appraisal report was heck while it was written offline. So now the process has been easy and quick, as the information is all stored in online HRMS.

Electronic Pass Module

Get the Indian Railways Employee pass through online, moreover by getting the physical paper pass replace.

HRMS Railway Login

Here we bring a detailed stepwise process to access the Indian Railways HRMS portal with your first time login.

  1. Go to the official Indian Railways HRMS page

  2. Now Tap on Login button at the top right corner of the page

  3. Provide your IPAD ID or employee and click on go button to proceed

  4. System will show HRMS ID, Employee Name and Mobile number and Confirm and take your HRMS ID for the login purpose

  5. Now use HRMS ID as username and Test@123 as default password

  6. Enter the OTP received to your registered mobile number and confirm Once OTP is verified, then you will be allowed to view HRMS page

Indian Railways HRMS Application for Split Pass

If you want to apply for a SPLIT Pass, then you can utilize these options and get the application submitted for a split pass online.

  1. Visit the official website of HRMS Railway portal
  2. Click on Pass from the home page option provided
  3. Tap on My issued passes, and view all the listed passes on screen
  4. Click on apply button and enter your pass number as required
  5. Select appropriate details and then upload the required documents
  6. Click on Apply button and wait for details to taken by portal
  7. That’s it, The HRMS login Railway application split pass has submitted online and employees will given their split pass after the further variation and approval process from their department.

Indian Railways HRMS ePass Cancellation

An employee can anyone apply or cancel the e-Pass form Indian Railways HRMS portal. He is in the process to cancel the e-Pass through the HRMS page of Indian Railways.

  1. Load the HRMS Railway from your browser or mobile App
  2. Select my issued passes from the Pass option displayed on menu
  3. View all the list of passes displayed on screen and click on cancel button
  4. Enter UPN Number to cancel and select reason for cancellation
  5. The details will send to pass clerk for further action for cancellation
  6. That’s it, the Indian Railways e-Pass will cancel. Once the clerk views your reason and the supported documents. The status for the cancellation can seen from an online website from the same Pass option.
  1. Will I get an offline pay slip from Indian Railway after HRMS?

    The Indian Railways HRMS portal is for all employees and rather than having the pay slip online, many employees do prefer to get the original copy form the administration department. Thus, Indian Railways doors provide the pay slip of their employees along with updating the same in the HRMS online page.

  2. Is Indian Railway HRMS mandatory to use by every employee?

    It has been asked to every employee of Indian Railway to start using the HRMS portal. This way they can have direct communication with management and as well know their information whenever required. Indian Railways has got lakhs of employees and it does take a long time for everyone to adopt the online system.

  3. How to update my details in the Indian Railway HRMS portal?

    If you don’t get the details at the login page or your details displayed seems to be incorrect. Then it is asked to visit the administration department and ask them to verify your details in the online HRMS portal. The details along with the registered mobile number will be updated for the first time by the admin department.

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