Inflation Meaning, Formula to Calculate & India Inflation Rate

Meaning of Inflation

The rise in price of goods and services of common or daily use, such as for food, clothing, construction, grocery, housing and more refers as the meaning of Inflation.

Any goods which used daily in routine and the rise in their price level is termed as Inflation. This does measure the changes in the price range of commodities for a time interval along with other services offered. The other side of Inflation referred to as deflation which is the fall in the price index.

The seller does use the basket to range the price index. They determine a value to the basket by analyzing the current value of it and then the value of basket determined based on the base period.

Formula for Inflation

Percent Inflation Rate is Final Consumer Price Index Value Divided by Initial Consumer Price Index Value Multiplied by 100.

The Goods or Services sold to small businesses for their selling, captured by the Wholesale price index. They measure the amount and quantity of goods transferred from large business to the small business. It is for easier distribution to every individual, the value difference in price does calculate Inflation.

Effects of Inflation

Inflation does affect the living cost of an individual in the country which does not depend on the poverty line. As the increase in price does connect every individual irrespective of their wealth.

  • The purchasing power of a currency does decrease as the services and commodities get dearer. If the Inflation is actually high, the price of living also gets higher.
  • This growth in the price of commodities does affect the individual and which directly decreases the growth in the economy.
  • There are various points which have to cover in the economy. It is all to ensure expenditure promoted and then the money saving process shown.
  • If money loses its value in time, the individual has a responsibility to invest in money. It does keep the country’s economy stable.


This is measured by Central Government, which are in charge of commodities pricing and in charge of adopting the measure for smooth running of economy. The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation does measure the Inflation. The Measure is a high task. As the index value generated by the calculation does have a direct link to the Indian economy.

The Inflation in India measured by the Wholesale price index and Consumer Price Index. Either of the methods does help to calculate the Inflation. The consumer price index calculates difference in price of commodities and services offered on regular basis used for Indian consumers.


There are few main causes which are subject to debates on regular increase of price on commodities.

  • Low production and high demand or supply of multiple commodities does create a supply gap and increase the price
  • Excess circulation of money leads to losing the buying power of it for creation.
  • A portion of individual with more money, does spend more on every commodity which increase demand
  • The storage of commodities by dealers and selling them at high price off the season affect the Inflation.
  • Commodities storage due to rainfall or any natural seasonal changes, does increase the price quickly

How to Control Inflation

There are various methods taken forward by Government and as well the every individual of the country, while determining.

  • The internet should bring law for storing and selling of goods for high demand price.
  • No goods price changed based on the seasonal changes, which affects the Inflation at high.
  • Individual must limit the excess cash flow, which increase the demand of goods and increases prices.
  • A law for equality of Price on goods or services, determine which highly disturbed by rich community.
  • The exchange of goods at wholesale price to dealer must determine and nominal margin attains while selling to consumer
  • The middle man in the exchange of goods overruled to avoid price hike during product to consumer.
  • Increase in price of transaction or inert sate connection crossing, also affect the prices of commodities

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India Inflation Rate

You may check Inflation rate in India with a meaning from 1986 to the current year and upto 2026 (expecting) by using statista. Just check the page to check by comparing the previous year statistics.

  1. What is Cost Push Inflation?

    The spurt in production price of few commodities does cause Inflation, as the product price increases when the commodities are out for sale. This called as cost push Inflation and does affect the individual below the poverty line.

  2. How does labor wages increase Inflation?

    The increase in goods and services value, does bring an effect to increase the wages of the labor who does work hard to bring the production complete. This does affect the price of commodities which increases their value in the market. These circles of price by Services and Labor do affect the Inflation.

  3. How many types of Inflation are classified?

    In general based on the production and selling of goods, the Inflation is classified into three types. Built-in Inflation, Demand Pull Inflation and Cost Push Inflation, are the classification which noted based on the type of price change in the market.

  4. Is Inflation Good or Bad?

    As the technology and development taking place, the price of commodities does increase which defined for a particular percentage. Having the increase rate at a defined percentage does mean the Inflation is good. If any excess demanded due to any changes affecting the Inflation and it turns bad for individuals.

  5. What if Deflation?

    The opposite of Inflation is deflation which is termed as when the inflation does change the prices in market, the deflation does changes the people’s behavior in such a way that it affects the economy. People wait for prices to decrease and buy the products then, which forces companies to decrease their employee wages. The action of Inflation is termed as deflationary spiral, which brings the effect in backward direction.

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