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Aside from the focus on firearms and integrating some randomly generated environments, the Remnant series sets itself apart from other souls-like games mainly with its focus on co-op. Both titles encourage you to team up with two friends to fight your way through the mutated monsters that await. After so many years of progress in terms of multiplatform games incorporating full cross-platform support, you might assume Remnant 2 will follow suit and let you make a group with anyone regardless of what platform they’re on. However, the truth may be a bit more disappointing. Before you make plans with your squad, here’s what you need to know about Remnant 2′s cross-platform support.

Is Remnant 2 cross-platform?

Three characters shoot at a boss in Remnant 2.

Currently, developer Gunfire Games has yet to make an official statement regarding cross-platform support for Remnant 2. This technically could mean that it will have full cross-platform support, but many take this to mean that the game does not, at least at launch, allow you to play with others on different platforms. While not completely indicative of the sequel, we do know that the first title only allowed players on PC and Xbox to play together, leaving PlayStation players isolated.

Granted, until the developers say one way or the other, or until we get our hands on the game, we can’t say for sure how cross-platform support will work. That being said, most signs point to it either not being there at launch at all, or perhaps in just a limited capacity.

As soon as we learn more, we will update you with the facts.

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