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The Labour Bureau of India is one who is responsible for the collection, collation and publication of information on wages, earnings, labour turnover, productivity, industrial relations, living conditions, working conditions and work evaluation of various labour enactments.

Labour Bureau

Labour Bureau also known as the store house for various economic indicators such as Consumer Price Index Number of Industry, Agricultural and Rural laborers, Data on Industrial Relations, Wage Rate Index, Socio Economic Conditions and Unorganized Sector of Industry.

The bureau works under the control of Union Ministry of Labor and employment. With the Consumer Price Index numbers released by Labour Bureau, the employees IDA rates may calculate to enhance the employee Gross salary to compensate the growing prices.

The departments from Government of India do work to uplift and safeguard the laborer’s. It is all irrespective of their working nature to be Government or Private sector. The Laborer’s are the most important resources of the country, which protected and provide a good livelihood.

The Labour Bureau of India is broadly classified under three majors sections. This is all which are Labour Intelligence, Labour Research and Monitoring & Evaluation Studies under the Minimum Wage Act 1948.

The Board of Labor Bureau fully monitored by Indian Economic Services along with Ministry. This is to ensure enough support provided to each labour who does fall in eligibility list. Labor Bureau offices situated in every city and town, where Labor allow to get themselves register for benefit schemes available.

Indian Economic Services Officer I.S.Negi is the current Director General of the Labour Bureau of India, which governed under Ministry of Labour & employment.

The processing and working of programs under these departments of Labor Bureau held with involvement of Ministry. As well, there are various schemes which launched by Government of India. It is all as well in collaboration with state governments, which does benefit the labour. Cash benefits are also provided to Labour’s as per the scheme. For more details visit

  1. Who Provides Labour Cards to Labourers?

    The Labour Bureau does get the count of Labour in India monitors by the respective state head department. Every worker provided with a Labor Card which does favor him during an emergency and does add their information in the Labor Bureau as a record. The working and monitoring of labour may done through a labour card provided by the Labour Bureau.

  2. Does Labour Incurred?

    There are crores of individuals who stated as Labour in India, despite of being Labour in reputed companies. There are crores of Labour’s who do work on daily wages. To uplift their livelihood the Bureau does provide a Labour Card to each of them. There are some health benefits provided to each individual and as well to their family. It is in case of emergency along with any medical need.

  3. What is the Eligibility for a Labour Card?

    An individual who does have their family income less than INR 15,000 and does work on daily wages to meet their needs are eligible for a Labour Card. As well the individual must between 18 years to 40 years of age and not connect with any of the organized sector or have and membership of income tax payer.

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