League of Legends fighting game is built around duo play

League of Legends fighting game Project L match intro featuring Ekko and Ahri.
Riot Games

Project L, Riot Games’ upcoming free-to-play League of Legends fighting game, features a “duo play” system that lets two players be on the same team during a 2v2 tag-team match.

Project L: Introducing Duo Play – /dev diary

Tag-team fighting games aren’t a new concept; games like Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Dragon Ball FighterZ are shining examples of fighting games that let players swap characters mid-match. Still, allowing two players to work together on the same team is quite rare in the genre and has definitely never been done on the scale of something like Project L, even if the idea makes sense because League of Legends is a team-based game.

This duo play system means players must work together to build on what each team member does during a match. For example, tagging out or jumping in to add to a combo at the right time. To enhance that, Project L features a Fuse system that gives each team unique synergies, like having two times the amount of assist actions or combining each character’s ultimate attacks together. If you want to see these systems in action, Riot Games also put out gameplay of a full match.

Thankfully, for those who prefer to play alone (or not with random players), Riot Games confirmed that 1v1 or 1v2 matches are possible. Still, this “duo play” system is clearly one of the main gimmicks of Riot Games’ upcoming fighting game and a way the developers really want players to experience the game.

In terms of when people can actually play the game, there will be a demo featuring four characters on the show floor at Evo this year. Executive Producer Tom Cannon also promises to reveal more about the game “soon” in the Duo Play reveal video, so hopefully, an official title, beta, and full release for Project L aren’t too far off.

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