It’s Time to Stop Using Microsoft Edge

Jason Fitzpatrick / How-To Geek Microsoft Edge now leaks the address of every web page you visit straight to Microsoft Bing. This appears to be a bug with one of the many extra features Microsoft has been cramming into Edge over the past few years. We’ve had enough. Microsoft Edge Is Sloppily Leaking Your Browsing … Read more

How to Dispose of or Recycle Old Batteries

Corbin Davenport / How-To Geek Recycle your old batteries by first determining what type of battery you have, then using a service like Call2Recycle, Earth911, or GreenerGadgets, to find a local recycling drop-off, pick-up, or mail-in program. There are many reasons you should be recycling unwanted batteries. Throwing batteries away can impact the safety of … Read more

Imgur Is About to Break the World Wide Web

Jason Fitzpatrick / How-To Geek The hot take on popular image-sharing service Imgur’s upcoming Terms of Service change is that it’s all about banning porn. But it’s more than that, and it’s poised to significantly disrupt your experience using the web. Here’s why. What’s Imgur? Over the last decade and change, the image-sharing service Imgur … Read more