Perfect for school, this Chromebook is on sale for $149

The Gateway Chromebook at a side angle with another one behind it.

If you’re looking for cheap Chromebook deals, look no further than Walmart. Today, you can buy the Gateway 15.6-inch Chromebook for $149, saving you $129 off the usual price of $278. It’s a clearance deal so stock is likely to be very limited. Also, it’s proving popular with many people before heading back to school, so you may need to be fast to avoid missing out. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Why you should buy the Gateway 15.6-inch Chromebook

Even among the very best Chromebooks, it can be unusual to see a 15.6-inch screen on a Chromebook of this price. Granted, with the Gateway 15.6-inch Chromebook, you get a HD display which is a little basic but the extra room is useful compared to a 14-inch model. The Chromebook is powered by an Intel Pentium Silver processor and has 4GB of memory and 128GB of eMMC storage. Standard stuff for a typical cheap Chromebook but just what you need to get the basics done and use cloud-based apps on the move.

The Gateway 15.6-inch Chromebook also has a 1MP webcam for any time you need to take any video calls. It lacks the quality you’d see from the best laptop brands but it’ll do and will be fine for students checking in on online classes or calling back home. Fortunately, where things improve for the Gateway 15.6-inch Chromebook is with its excellent 10-hour battery life. It also boots up in just six seconds thanks to the optimization of ChromeOS which is always useful. Sleeker than you’d think, it’s the perfect addition for class and should last you all day long without a hitch.

For anyone who needs to keep costs down, the Gateway 15.6-inch Chromebook is a tempting proposition. While it won’t be any use for power users, if you just need something simple for typing up some reports and you’re happy to use cloud-based apps, this will do the job well. It normally costs $278 but for a limited time only, it’s down to $149 at Walmart. A clearance deal, it won’t remain in stock for long so if you think it’s the right fit for you, buy it now before you miss out.

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