Play Diablo 4 and more for $490 with this HP gaming PC

The HP Victus 15L gaming PC on a desk.

If you’ve been enticed by games like Diablo 4 and Fortnite but are too scared off by the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on one of the best graphics cards, don’t worry, HP has your back. While the Victus 15L usually goes for $830, this Prime Day deal from HP has been discounted to just $490 and will let you play the games above, although with a couple of caveats.

Why you should buy the HP Victus 15L

So how does the HP Victus 15L run Diablo 4 while being so cheap? It does it simply by using the Intel Arc A380, one of the first GPUs that Intel has made and is very entry-level. Since it’s not the best graphics card out there, you’ll have to make compromises in graphics if you want to maintain 60fps, which mostly means running at 1080p with low settings. You could also potentially bump that up to medium settings if you’re ok with roughly 55 or so fps. That may seem bleak, but those frames aren’t too bad, and the Arc A380 is great for budget gaming and doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend a ton on a gaming monitor since even cheap monitor deals will be able to utilize the Arc A380 fully. That said, if you’re willing to pay a bit extra to get a more powerful GPU, the RTX 3050 upgrade for $160 will let you run Diablo 4 at ultra performance with around 65 frames per second, which is great. The ideal upgrade would be the RTX 3060 for $220, which will let you get some 2k gaming done, but it’s not a must if you want a budget-oriented build.

Besides the GPU, you get the reasonably powerful and mid-range Intel Core i5- 12400 CPU that will handle any of the above upgrades and any productivity and gaming needs you need in the long run. RAM is 8GBs of DDR4, and while the 16GB upgrade for $70 would be nice, it’s more of a quality-of-life upgrade than a necessity. As for storage, the 256GB SSD you get is also not too bad for a budget build, although we would suggest the 512GB upgrade for $60. The only real must-have upgrade we’d recommend is the Wi-Fi6 networking card for $4; it will give you great wireless performance and be future-proof for at least five or six years.

Overall, the base HP Victus 15L is a great ultra-budget gaming PC, and with a strong GPU upgrade, it can become a reasonable mid-range gaming PC. Either way, you can grab it from HP for $490 instead of $830, and it is well worth it, although be sure to check out these other Prime Day gaming PC deals.

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