Private Visit Abroad, Railway Employee Permission Application

Private foreign travel or visit abroad undertaken by Railway employee must have the permission from the authority, Find the application to get the NOC before traveling to Abroad visit…

Indian Railways looks for the safety and integrity of their employees during their course of employment, and in this due time, if an employee is asking leave for visit to Abroad, he must submit a Proforma for taking permission by railway servants for private visits abroad.

This is a prescribed Proforma that also stands as an undertaking by the Indian Railways, that the employee will be committed to rules and he will not misuse their service.

Also that the employee will not accept any job abroad and will return to Indian to join back the duty with the limited leave period that has been agreed. The purpose and the estimation of travel must be submitted under this Proforma.

Application Seeking Permission or NOC for Foreign Travel

The applicant should submit PART A and B duly filled to the Railway authority through controlling officer recommendations along with declaration and leave sanction application to be availed during foreign travel, and this permit application for the abroad private visit must be approved before leaving India.

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