Railway Reservation Cancellation Form in Pdf

Get the pdf document available to download for Railway reservation or cancellation form applicable for all India centers for railway employees and passenger…

Employees who want to travel using the Indian Railways can book their reservation using the Requisition form, and the family details need to be submitted, such that everyone will be given a preference under the employee quote.

The Reservation/ Cancellation Requisition Form needs to be filled with details of a member traveling with an employee, where the only mentioned member will be granted the seat in choice of their berth and the same application form can be used to cancel the reservation.

This way the benefit of reservation will be applicable for all their tour or journey plan and Railway employee families need not rush to online portals or offices to book railway tickets for their journeys in the following format.

Reservation / Cancellation Form Online Edit

If the Railway passenger / employee submits the form for cancellation, he/she must submit the form along with original tickets which was already confirmed the reservation, and if not submitted, the cancellation may not be effective as per the rules, where all the cancellation rules will be applicable for all the employees even working in the department.

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