Reset Jammu Kashmir Employee CPIS Login Password & User ID

Have you forgotten your Jammu & Kashmir Employee CPIS Login password, and also user id, then not to worry to reset, as we have got you a detailed step wise guide which will help you to reset your CPIS password and to retrieve username…

The Centralized Personnel Information System (CPIS) is an effective website launched by the government of Jammu & Kashmir state, and through this CPIS system, the government has come forward to provide their different facilities to employees at their fingertips.

A registered unique user ID & password of CPIS are being assigned to every user through which a user does access the employee page, and this allows them to download their salary slip whenever required as well get the employee details from the Employee Page.

Requirements to Reset Jammu & Kashmir Password and Verify Username

As to verify your Jammu & Kashmir Username and reset the forgotten password, the below listed are must to be with you, and only with the help of this you can be able to proceed with any of this process.

  • Employee ID of employee working in Government of Jammu & Kashmir
  • Registered Email Address with CPIS portal
  • PAN Number / Aadhaar Card Number of employee

How to Reset Jammu & Kashmir Employee CPIS Login Password

  1. Go to the official website and visit the portal

  2. Tap on the forgot password option then the user can get a new page

  3. then enter the details of the user and registered account username

  4. Fill the Email ID for recieving the verification code

  5. Once your data is checked, a mail will be sent to the same email address which you have registered with the Centralized Personnel Information System of Jammu & Kashmir State

How to Retreive Jammu & Kashmir Employee Login Username

To access the CPIS system official website portal a Username is must along with the password assigned, If you have forgotten your username then you can follow the below steps as written below.

  • Open your email box which is registered with CPIS
  • You need to Send a email message to [email protected] with query as below
    • Enter your Employee ID and Date of birth
    • As well enter your PAN number and Aadhar Number used while registration
  • Now at last Ask to send your username as you want to verify it or forgot
  • Once your email has been received by administration, the content will be verified, and in quick time, a reply from CPIS official box will be sent to your email id with username to access CPIS portal.
  1. Can I change my Jammu & Kashmir Employee Username?

    The username for the details submitted while registration with CPIS website will be sent to employee Email ID, and this username will be based on employee ID and their details submitted which is linked with the employee account with the Accounts department, and thus there is no way to change the username of Jammu & Kashmir employee, as once it is assigned

  2. My Email ID lost, how can I change it in the CPIS Jammu & Kashmir System?

    Yes, you need to send an email to the official email address of CPIS portal and provide your employee details, and it is to be mentioned as the to re-register your account with new email ID and thus based on your details provided the email will be linked with your respective username.

  3. Jammu & Kashmir Employee Pay Slip Duplicate Username

    It is fortunate that due to any correction, the employee might be linked with two different usernames, thus if any employee of the state of Jammu & Kashmir does find this error, they are requested to send an email to CPIS and ask them to remove the duplicate username assigned.

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