Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 price: here’s exactly how much it costs

Two Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 phones next to each other.
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Samsung just held its latest Galaxy Unpacked event in Seoul, South Korea, and it had a whole slew of new products to unveil to the masses. We have three new Galaxy Tab S9 tablets, the Galaxy Watch 6 series, the Galaxy Z Fold 5, and the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 is sure to impress with an all-new 3.4-inch cover display that Samsung has called the “Flex Window.” You can access some new widgets from the Flex Window, including a multi-widget view for more at once, and even run apps on the cover display (with some caveats). The Z Flip 5 also has a new Flex Hinge that looks aesthetically pleasing and provides a solid foldable experience. The cameras are also slightly better, with a new lens coating that should cut down on unwanted lens flares.

But how much will the new Galaxy Z Flip 5 cost you? We break it down here.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 starts at $1,000

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 with its main display open.
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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 starts at $1,000 for the base model, which includes 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Z Flip 5, much like its predecessor, does not have a microSD card slot, so you are stuck with the storage option you pick when purchasing.

Compared to last year’s Galaxy Z Flip 4, this is a good deal because that model started at $1,000 for only 128GB of storage. So this year, Samsung has doubled the storage, but kept the starting price the same at $1,000.

Samsung equipped the Galaxy Z Flip 5 with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chip, which is a specially optimized version just for Galaxy devices that debuted with the Galaxy S23 lineup earlier this year. This chip has proven itself to deliver fast performance and great power efficiency. So even with the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s 8GB of RAM, there’s still plenty of power to go around.

Another model is available for $1,120

Timer running on the Galaxy Z Flip 5 cover screen.
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But there’s more than one model of Galaxy Z Flip 5 available. If you want double the storage, Samsung also has a 512GB version of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 for $1,120.

For most people, the 256GB version is probably fine. But if you want to have some extra space and not worry about storage, then the 512GB version is the one you’d want to consider. It’s for people who plan on downloading a lot of apps and games (and all their content), video and audio content, and want to take a lot of photos and video.

Do remember that neither version of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 has a microSD card slot to expand your storage, so you’re stuck with the storage level you choose when purchasing.

How you can get the Galaxy Z Flip 5 for less cash

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 in mint, cream, pink, and black colors.
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Preorders for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 (and Z Fold 5) are live now, with the devices becoming publicly available beginning August 11 on Samsung’s website and Samsung Experience Stores, as well as other major carriers and retailers.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 comes in four standard colors: mint, graphite, cream, and lavender. There are also four colors: blue, gray, green, and yellow.

But if the $1,000 price is a little too much to swallow at once, there are some preorder deals to help you save some money.

Starting right now, preorders of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 can get a free storage upgrade. So if you choose the 256GB model, you’ll automatically get the upgrade for the 512GB version instead. You can also get up to $900 off the Galaxy Z Flip 5 with an eligible trade-in.

You can also save up to $540 during the preorder process if you bundle the Galaxy Z Flip 5 with a Galaxy Tab S9 series or Galaxy Watch 6 series device.

And for a limited time, you can also save 30% off Samsung Care+ with your Galaxy Z Flip 5 purchase. Samsung Care+ is only available exclusively through, Samsung Experience Stores, or on after you activate your new phone.

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