Samsung’s 49-inch curved 4K gaming monitor is $914 off

The Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor on a desk in an apartment.

If you’ve spared no expense on gaming PC deals, you should think about investing in a display that will be able to give justice to your favorite games. You might as well enjoy some savings along the way, so take advantage of this 40% discount on the 49-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Curved Gaming Monitor from Amazon’s Woot. Instead of $2,300, you’ll only have to pay $1,386, for savings of $914. You won’t always get the chance to buy a premium monitor at almost $1,000 off, so it’s highly recommended that you proceed with the purchase while the offer is still online.

Why you should buy the 49-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Curved Gaming Monitor

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 curved gaming monitor, one of the best monitors in the market right now, features a 49-inch screen with dual 4K resolution, which is equivalent to a pair of 27-inch 4K monitors but without the distracting bezel down the middle. It’s got a 1000R curved display, which matches the curve of the human eye to reduce strain. A curved screen also creates a more immersive experience, particularly with single-player titles and racing games, according to our computer monitor buying guide.

With a 240Hz refresh rate, a 1ms response rate, and support for Nvidia’s G-Sync and AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro, you’ll experience ultra-smooth gameplay like never before, with no hints of lagging and stuttering. The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Curved Gaming Monitorr also features the brand’s CoreSync lighting, which will let you customize the device with multiple colors, and a stand that will allow you to make swivel, tilt, and height adjustments until you determine the monitor’s perfect position while you play the best PC games.

Here’s one of the most attractive monitor deals for gamers right now — the 49-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 for $1,386 from Amazon’s Woot, after a 40% discount that slashes $914 off its original price of $2,300. We’re not sure how much time is left on the offer though, so if you’re already looking forward to playing your favorite video games on the 49-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Curved Gaming Monitor, complete the transaction as soon as possible.

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