Selling fast: This Dell Inspiron PC is $500 (41% claimed)

If you need a new computer for your office and you’re strapped for desk space, Prime Day laptop deals have just provided the answer. This Dell Inspiron Small Desktop PC is down to just $500 for a limited time. That’s a $150 discount off its usual price of $650. This deal is actually at Dell’s website, but they’re trying to compete with Amazon’s Prime Day deals by having their own sales. This deal is only going to last until 5 a.m. PT on Thursday, so grab it while it’s on sale.

Why you should buy the Dell Inspiron Small Desktop

The main selling point of this Inspiron Desktop is the small form factor. It measures 11.53 inches deep, 11.42 inches high and 3.65 inches wide. It will fit comfortably both under and on top of a work desk. Even though it’s small, it still has all the features you’d expect of a desktop. The front has a disc tray, four USB ports, a headphone jack and a media card reader. The back has even more USB ports, an HDMI port, a DisplayPort and an ethernet port. It’s designed to be part of an office setup, but it will work just as well as a work-from home desktop. This model can connect to the internet via ethernet or Wi-Fi, thanks to a Realtek Wi-Fi 5 card.

The internal components are nothing to right home about, but they will easily handle any office work you can run them through. This configuration has a 13th Gen Intel Core i5 processor and an Intel UHD Graphics 730 graphics card. Those don’t put out an extraordinary amount of power, but they’ll serve you fine in a work setting. These Small Desktops come with a surprisingly high 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. That means you will be able to process several programs at once without noticeable lag, and you can save large files without resorting to a cloud storage system.

Grab this Dell Inspiron Small Desktop PC while it’s $150. You’ll only pay $500 instead of the usual $650. This deal will only be around until Thursday morning, so grab it while Dell is still competing with Amazon Prime Day.

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