Something strange is happening with my Google Pixel Fold

Google Pixel Fold in Obsidian open on Google News.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Google’s first foldable, the Google Pixel Fold, is now available for everyone. Even though Google is a few years late to the game compared to other brands like Samsung, it’s better late than never, right?

The Google Pixel Fold has received mostly positive reviews, including our own. But like any other foldable, it’s not without some issues. Since there are moving parts with foldable devices, there are more points of failure than a simple slab-style smartphone, especially as this category is still only in its infancy.

I’ve had the Google Pixel Fold for about two weeks now, and for the most part, the device has been a pleasure to use. Thankfully I did not have a completely destroyed inner display after four days as some other reviewers did. But I have started to notice something a little odd going on with my review unit.

There’s something about that hinge …

Google Pixel Fold in Obsidian open slightly on a planter.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

I’m not sure when it actually began to start, but sometime this week, I began to notice that whenever I open up the Google Pixel Fold, a light pop or click noise came from the hinge. The noise does not happen when I close it. So far, that seems to be the extent of my problems with the Pixel Fold, and thankfully it does not seem to have any other effect on the inner display or usability of the device.

But here’s the thing — it seems to come and go randomly. I have opened up the Pixel Fold numerous times in quick succession to replicate the issue, and sometimes it will make that sound repeatedly. Other times, it will be silent when I open and close it. And then other occurrences will have it make the sound once, and then it’s silent, and then it will come back for no reason at all. It truly feels random because I’m not doing anything different each time — I’m simply just opening and closing the Pixel Fold. In other words, I’m using it as intended.

It almost feels like a squeaky wheel or something that needs some good old WD–40. I’m just not sure. I’m thankful that it seems to be the only issue and doesn’t affect the usability of the screens on the device, but it’s also something I can’t not notice — and it’s driving me mad.

We’re currently working with Google to get this Pixel Fold unit sent back for a replacement one. If and when that happens, we’ll be sure to keep an eye on any similar popping sounds or any other issues that may arise.

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