Sony’s Spider-Man 2-themed PS5 is a mighty special edition

The Spider-Man special edition PS5 and controller stand on a table.
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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is just over a month away, but Sony is already celebrating its launch. You can now get your hands on a special-edition PlayStation 5 based on the upcoming game. If you’re curious about whether or not it’s worth the price, we got a close look at the new bundle.

Sony’s special package costs $600 and includes a standard PS5 and all the components that usually come with it. However, it comes packed with three specific extras that make it an enticing value: custom faceplates, a digital voucher for the upcoming game, and a nifty DualSense controller.

The front faceplate sports a red-and-black design that mirrors Miles Morales’ suit. As an added touch, there’s a little texture to it, as the intersection of the colors is just a bit raised. Of course, it’s also emblazoned with a white Spider-Man logo in its bottom-right corner, which pops against the red around it. The back faceplate is a bit more subtle, as it’s pure black with a white Spidey logo right at the bottom. And if you love tinkering with your PS5, there’s some good news: The side plates are removable, just as they are on a standard PS5.

What’s also nice is that the package comes with a custom DualSense controller that matches the system. It features the same red-and-black design as the front faceplate and features a white Spider-Man logo on the touchpad. Note that you can currently get the controller separately from the system, though it’ll run you a hefty $80.

Considering that the bundle comes with a digital download of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (which will become active when the game launches), it’s a fairly strong value overall. That’s not to mention that special edition consoles have been rare so far this console generation, making this one of the few ways to get a non-white PS5.

The Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 limited-edition PS5 bundle is available now, while the game itself launches on October 20 exclusively for PS5.

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