Speck’s ClickLock tech enhances Apple MagSafe on new iPhone

Speck Presido2 ClickLock cases for iPhone 15 full lineup

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Apple’s MagSafe technology is one of the more interesting additions to the iPhone in the past few years. It’s a magnetic system that essentially allows you to easily connect compatible accessories to the back of the device to charge wirelessly or enhance your experience — like adding a wallet case, for instance. It adds a whole new layer to both usability and customization, allowing you to transform your phone in innovative ways practically. MagSafe cases have the same magnetic functionality built into the case, snapping directly to the phone but still allowing for accessories to be attached in the same way. That’s precisely what

do, with a twist. Speck’s newest cases for the four newest 2023 iPhone models incorporate a patent-pending technology called ClickLock™.

Speck ClickLock enhances the MagSafe systems and addresses a common problem experienced when using it: slippage between the iPhone and accessories. Here’s how it works: A magnetically attracted bolt built into

will automatically extend and then engage with the corresponding ‘receptacle’ in the case. The two components interlock, with a satisfying ‘click,’ we might add, to create a secure and reliable attachment. No more slipping, no more accidental detachments, and a better experience all around for you. The list of compatible accessories currently includes a 360-degree adjustable car vent mount, a rear-mounted wallet, and a no-slip adjustable finger grip with a kickstand. Both Speck’s iPhone cases — the Presidio2 and Presidio Perfect-Clear — as well as the compatible accessories are on sale now. Better yet, from now until October 15th, you can use code DIGITAL15 to get 15% off your entire order sitewide.

Why you should buy the Speck ClickLock Presidio iPhone case

Speck Presidio2 ClickLock case for iPhone resting nearby and up close

The cases are fantastic, for starters. There are a total of 169 new cases for the 2023 iPhone models, with 17 different designs and 20 custom colors to choose from. Of those, 57 of the options incorporate Speck’s ClickLock technology. Of course, they come in several colors and styles, including a gorgeous clear, see-through case that matches the minimalist design of the iPhone 15 perfectly. They feature anti-scratch and anti-microbial protection — via Microban antimicrobial technology — and they’re made from recycled plastics. Presidio2 cases have also been drop-tested to withstand up to a 13-foot drop, with a raised-bezel screen cover and camera lens guard. They’re secure, protective, and appealing.

But the real allure is the Speck ClickLock interlocking technology, which allows the Presidio2 cases to securely attach to accessories, using a similar system as Apple’s MagSafe, albeit enhanced and much more functional. Apple iPhone 12 or newer and other aftermarket MagSafe cases. Although, we do recommend pairing them with a Speck case to be sure. And if you’re not ready to upgrade to an iPhone 15 just yet, the ClickLock cases for iPhone 15 are backward compatible with iPhone 14 and 13 models, while the ClickLock iPhone 15 Plus case also works with the iPhone 14 Plus.

Speck ClickLock Presido2 case with kickstand accessory

Those accessories include a hands-free and 360-degree adjustable car dash mount with a built-in cable holder, a rear wallet attachment that holds one to three cards, and a 360-degree adjustable finger grip with a built-in kickstand and MacBook continuity camera mount. Depending on what you commonly use your phone for or need when you’re out and about, those accessories can completely transform your mobile experience. The StandyGrip mount, for example, not only allows you to stand the phone up in portrait or landscape configurations but will also attach to the top of a MacBook so you can use the phone as a makeshift webcam. Pretty cool, right?

Now, there are so many case styles and options to choose from, including the three accessories, we highly recommend taking a look for yourself to see what matches your preferences. Speck ClickLock cases and accessories make your shiny new iPhone work for you in more efficient and interesting ways. Isn’t it time you demanded more from your phone case?

Don’t forget, from now until October 15th, you can save 15% off your entire order sitewide when you use code DIGITAL15 at checkout.

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