Strap an Apple Watch Series 8 to your wrist and save $70

An Apple Watch Series 8 with the screen on.
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For anyone keen to grab the latest Apple Watch for less, Amazon has one of the best Apple Watch deals around at the moment. Today, you can buy the Apple Watch Series 8 for $329 saving you $70 off the regular price of $399. A hefty discount that we’d normally see during a sales event, if you’ve been waiting to upgrade, this is your chance to do so for less. Here’s what you might wish to know before you make a purchase.

Why you should buy the Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch Series 8 is one of the best smartwatches around being the best choice for iPhone owners. We can’t see that changing until the Apple Watch Series 9 comes out and even then, it’s likely to be an incremental upgrade so it’s worth buying the Series 8.

The watch promises to be your essential companion for your healthy lifestyle. It has plenty of sensors to track your health and provide you with insight. This includes a blood oxygen sensor, the ability to take an ECG any time you need it, as well as tracking temperatures in terms of women’s health and ovulation. While it might not be quite medical-grade quality, it’s more than sufficient to help you know how your body is doing throughout the day.

Alongside that, the Apple Watch Series 8 tracks all your workouts. Whether you’re an avid walker, runner, or lift weights a few times a week, the Apple Watch Series 8 can track what you need to know. That includes statistics like your pace, calories burned, and your heart rate while you exercise. Thanks to that, it’ll even detect an irregular heart rhythm or if your heart rate is unusually low or high.

Even while sleeping, the Apple Watch Series 8 looks after you by tracking how much time you spend in REM, Core, or Deep sleep. At all times, the bright, Always-On retina display helps you see what’s going on with the minimum of hassle. You can even take calls or send messages through it.

However you plan on using the Apple Watch Series 8, it’ll soon become a permanent fixture on your wrist. Usually priced at $399, you can buy it from Amazon right now for $329. It’s one not to be missed so grab it now before the price increases.

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