The best Baldur’s Gate 3 mods

No matter how deep, intricate, and replayable a game is, there will always be mods for it to add even more ways to customize the experience. Baldur’s Gate 3 already can last you hundreds of hours without a single mod, but there are passionate players out there who have taken it upon themselves to add in new features, cosmetics, and fixes for things for the entire fan base to enjoy. This CRPG has brought in a ton of new players to the genre who may not be familiar with all of its intricacies, as well as seasoned veterans who know the ins and outs of the system before ever touching the game. Mods cater to both ends of the spectrum by giving newcomers some accessibility options, and hardcore players new ways to challenge themselves. Here are some of the best current mods for Baldur’s Gate 3 to try out on your next campaign.

How to mod Baldur’s Gate 3

As a PC title, Baldur’s Gate 3 is fairly easy to mod. However, if you’ve never modded a PC game before, you can check out this quick tutorial to show you exactly how to do it in under five minutes.

Best Baldur’s Gate 3 mods

Tav’s Hair Salon

A girl in a corset with huge hair.
Larian Studios

The character creator in Baldur’s Gate 3 is both extensive and somewhat limited at the same time. You obviously have the big choices like which race and what gender you play, but the finer details like hairstyles can leave a lot to be desired. The amount of presets in the game is decent, but Tav’s Hair Salon adds dozens of awesome styles that work on most human, elf, half-elf, or tieflings with body type 1 or even some with type 2. Given the choices between long locks, short curls, and even messy dos, you should only install this mod if you’re ready to double your time in the character creation screen.

5e Spells

A mage picking which new spell to learn.
Larian Studios

If you’re a spellcaster, especially one familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, then you will be swimming in options when you add the 5e Spells mod. For newbies, 5e refers to the fifth edition of the tabletop games, on which Baldur’s Gate 3 is based, however, the game itself doesn’t include all the spells from the source material. This mod aims to implement as many of those as possible. So far, dozens of spells and cantrips up to level 3 have been added, but the modder plans to go all the way up to level 9. For the truly die-hard fans, the mod also includes an optional file called 5e Spells Original that modifies the existing spells to function more faithfully to how they do in the pen-and-paper game.

Feats Extra

A description of the eldrich adept feat.
Larian Studios

Feats are great additions to your character that you can choose only a select few times during your campaign. They’re all strong, and there are a lot already, but that hasn’t stopped the creator of Feats Extra from adding in a couple of unique ones for you to play around with. This isn’t a crazy amount, only seven new Feats are added, but they’re all fully fleshed out and balanced. For example, the Eldritch Adept feat lets you pick one Warlock invocation each time you choose this feat, while Skulker gives you an advantage on stealth checks in dim light.

Choose Your Stats (CYS)

A knight in a camp choosing their stats.
Larian Studios

One downside to Baldur’s Gate 3 is that, even though you can respec your levels, you can’t fully change your stats after you begin. Without the Choose Your Stats (CYS) mod, you’re essentially stuck with what you have unless you decide to roll a new character. This mod removes that issue by adding a potion to your game that lets you change your stats, speed, actions, ability scores, and more. It can let you add skill proficiencies, skill expertise, resources, and even summon items if you want. More functions are added with each update, with the latest even adding legendary items, dyes, and more.

Party Limit Begone

A multiplayer lobby with eight slots.
Larian Studios

Whether you’re playing alone or with friends in co-op, Baldur’s Gate 3 is all about you and your party working together to fight monsters, complete quests, and generally adventure together. However, even playing alone, you will immediately be limited by a party size of just four members. If you think that is an arbitrary limitation, so did the creator of Party Limit Begone. This mod quadruples the party limit to 16 members, as well as increases the multiplayer limit to eight players. Obviously, this will severely mess with the game’s balance, but that’s a small price to pay to bring your entire D&D group together in the game.


A dragon with a flaming spell in their hand.
Larian Entertainment

Despite Dungeons and Dragons allowing for characters to reach level 20, Larian chose to cap your character at level 12 for Baldur’s Gate 3. This was to keep the game balanced, but some players enjoy the act of grinding to a point where they can crush any challenge the game throws at them. If that’s you, the UnlockLevelCurve increases the level cap from 12 all the way to 20 for all classes. The modder even went the extra mile here and adjusted and balanced the XP curve so that leveling up follows a smooth progression rather than having massive XP gaps between levels.

Fantastical Multiverse

A character creation screen with a minotaur race.
Larian Studios

The world of Dungeons and Dragons is far too vast to ever be crammed into a single game, even one as massive as Baldur’s Gate 3. The team did a great job giving us a ton of choices in which races we can play and meet in the game, but the ones on offer only scratch the surface. While it does kind of break the internal logic of the game, Fantastical Multiverse adds a massive 47 more races to the game from various regions like Eberron, Krynn, Etharis, Malipla, and more. Some new playable races include the Shifter, Vedalken, and Eladrin, which adds plenty of new reasons to go through the game just one more time.

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