This Alienware laptop with an RTX 4070 is $400 off right now

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While Alienware might not be at the heights it used to be, especially with competition from the likes of ASUS, it still manages to produce some excellent gaming laptops. Take, for example, this Alienware m16; it’s packed with great specs under the hood, making it very versatile, and it isn’t that expensive to boot. In fact, while it usually goes for $2,000, you can grab it from Dell for just $1,600, which is a significant $400 discount.

Why you should buy the Alienware m16

Even though the RTX 40 series came out last year, we’re finally seeing them in gaming laptops, and we’re happy to report that the m16 comes with a powerful RTX 4070 under the hood. For all intense and purposes, the RTX 4070 performs similarly to the RTX 3080 while being quite a bit cheaper, which means you get great 1440p performance at an affordable price. That means you can load up the latest AAA games and reach anywhere between 100-150 FPS, even on some of the highest settings, which is impressive, to say the least. That’s great because the screen on the m16 is 16 inches and comes with a QHD+ resolution of 2560 x 1600 while also being able to hit a 165hz refresh rate.

Besides the excellent GPU, you also get the latest 13th Gen Intel Core i7-13700HX, a mid-to-high-end CPU that’s more than enough to handle most games and even productivity and editing tasks, making it rather versatile. We’re also happy to see that Dell hasn’t skimped on the storage, providing you with a 1TB SSD, although you could always upgrade that with a range of options, all the way up to 8TB, though that may be a bit overkill. As for RAM, Dell is using two 8GB sticks for a total of 16GB of DDR5 RAM, the fastest on the market, and you can absolutely upgrade the RAM too, all the way up to 64GB, which is useful if you do a lot of programming, or editing 4k content. The battery life isn’t going to last you long, around one to three hours, depending on what you’re doing, but that’s typical of most gaming laptops, so expect to be plugged in if you’re gaming or doing anything heavy-duty.

Overall, the Alienware m16 is a really impressive gaming laptop with one of the best graphics cards on the market. Even better, the deal from Dell bringing it down to $1,600 from $2,000 gives this laptop some unparalleled value and is well worth picking up if you want a great gaming laptop without breaking the bank. Even so, it’s always worth checking out other gaming laptop deals to ensure you have the best deal, although we doubt you’ll find anything much better.

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