This deal gets you 2 months of Kindle Unlimited for free

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If you’re the type to want to flip through every new self-help book or trending pop psychology book on the market, this one is for you. We’ve discovered a few simple steps to get you going from no eBooks to a full library, complete with magazines and audiobooks, in just a few clicks. By following the link below and signing up for the service, you can get Kindle Unlimited for 2 months, absolutely free. That’s a value of $24 that you can try starting now. After giving it a try (and reading through a few books and magazines) you can either cancel or continue for $12/month.

Why you should try Kindle Unlimited

It should go without saying that one of the main benefits of becoming a Kindle Unlimited subscriber is the eBook library, which includes over 4 million titles. Within, you’ll find everything from Mockingjay to Hamza Zaouali’s

which will help you get a lot out of your two month trial, fast. There’s little pressure to finish every page, too, giving readers new and experienced a chance to find the truly meaningful page-turner for them. You can also enjoy the latest issue of magazines you follow as well as listen to one of thousands of audiobooks.

A common misconception about Kindle Unlimited is that it is a service that is only compatible with the best Kindles. In fact, the service can be used in conjunction with nearly any device. Though a Kindle’s faux paper finish might make for the best reading surface, using one of the best tablets for colorful magazine and comics is also a logical choice. Curling up at night with an audiobook and active noise-cancelling headphones, paired directly to your phone, gives the impression of being read to personally in a perfectly peaceful world.

So, come and give the service a try for two months. That’s what you get, for free, if you tap the button below and click on “Start your free trial.” This deal, which has a $24 value, gives you access to everything in Kindle Unlimited. You can cancel before the two months are up or continue on at $12/month.

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