This Dell 27-inch 4K monitor can be yours for $300 today

The 27-inch Dell S2721QS 4K monitor on a table.

Today you can expand your computer’s screen real estate with some savings at Dell. The Dell 27-inch S2721QS 4K monitor is seeing a really great price of just $300 at Dell. Whether you’re looking to pair it with one of the best laptops or one of the best desktop computers, its 4K resolution will make a premium addition to any computer setup, and its price will keep an extra $30 in your pocket, as it regularly costs $330. Dell is including free shipping with a purchase.

Why you should buy the Dell 27-inch S2721QS 4K monitor

Dell is known for making quality yet affordable computer products, and its lineup of products almost always offers great value. This could be said of the Dell 27-inch S2721QS 4K monitor as well. 4K displays are getting cheaper, but the price point of this monitor is still pretty impressive. It has an ultra-thin bezel design that can keep you undistracted and immersed in whatever you may be working on, even if it’s just your favorite streaming service watchlist. It comes with a couple of built-in speakers, but they’re meant to be just enough to give you some audio playback. You may want to pair this monitor with a set of the best wireless headphones if you want premium audio.

While you may be able to get away with doing some light gaming with the Dell 27-inch S2721QS 4K monitor, its meant more for general use. It makes a great option if you’re looking to expand the screen real estate of a laptop, or if you need a monitor to pair with your desktop PC. Like all of the best monitors, it has several connectivity ports, and you could even double them up for a really large window on your digital world. You can even view content from two different PC sources at once with this monitor’s picture-in-picture functionality, which splits the screen into two sides and effectively turns it into two smaller displays.

While the Dell 27-inch S2721QS 4K monitor would normally set you back $330, right now you can grab it for just $300 at Dell. This makes for a $30 savings and a nice addition to your desk. Free shipping is included with your purchase.

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