This secret Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 pre-order deal ends soon

Main display on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.
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During the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, we finally got to see the new Galaxy Z Fold 5, and you’re in for a treat. With its new design, that includes a new hinge, a smaller form factor, and a brighter screen, plus lots more power, let’s just say it’s ready to delight. We’re also nearing release — it will be available just next week — which means time is running out to pre-order, and not only that, but also time is running out to take advantage of the excellent Galaxy Z Fold 5 pre-order deals that are currently available.

There is a lot going on, with quite a few deals and discounts to collect, and we’ll break it all down in more detail below. For now, just know that we have a deal with Samsung that’s applied at checkout, which immediately gives you $50 off; you just have to use our link. This deal is not shown on Samsung’s website, so it’s effectively hidden. Go ahead and see for yourself.

Why you should pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Back of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.
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The biggest upgrade from the Fold 4 is the hinge, which is a new tear-shaped design and manages to completely do away with the small gap that used to exist between the screens when the phone was folded. Surprisingly, the new hinge doesn’t do much else in terms of protection, with it still having an IPX8 rating, meaning that while it’s water-resistant, it’s not dirt resistant, so you’re still going to have to keep an eye out for any dirt on the internal screen. Unfortunately, everything else on the phone is essentially the same as the Fold 4, including the screen and cameras, so if you already have the Fold 4, it’s not worth the upgrade.

That said, the Fold 5 has an improved S Pen, with an IP68 rating, and while there’s no internal slot for the S Pen yet, there are lots of Galaxy Z Fold 5 cases built to hold one, so if you like using the S Pen, the Fold 5 is a good option. You’ll also be impressed with the much thinner chassis of the Fold 5, compared to the Fold 4, and the peak 1,750-nit peak brightness, rather than the 1,000 nits we see on the Fold 4. Overall, the Fold 5 is an iterative design on the Fold 4 that may not be an upgrade for those who already have one and is, ironically, currently being outshined by the Flip 5, which made a much bigger leap this generation.

What Galaxy Z Fold 5 pre-order deals are available?

The Fold 5 is a great phone to get if this is your first foldable, and there are a lot of great incentives from Samsung to grab one, such as our exclusive deal, which gives you $50 off. Seriously, you won’t find it anywhere else and all you have to do is use our link.

Here’s what else you can take advantage of, if you’re eligible:

  • Enhanced trade-in: Get up to $1,000 in enhanced trade-in value (Galaxy Z Fold 4, for example)
  • Free storage upgrade: Boost your storage capacity from 256GB to 512GB for the price of the smaller model
  • Instant savings: Get up to $150 off a 1TB memory device
  • Education discount: Get 15% off and the biggest student savings during a smartphone launch ever

The free storage upgrade is a huge highlight, especially these days with all the photo taking you’ll be doing on your new phone. You’ll get a free storage upgrade when pre-ordering, so you get 512GB instead of 256 GB, and if you opt for the 1TB option, you get $150 off the price. The extra space is definitely worth it on a device like this, and if you plan to do mobile gaming, well, now’s a good time to capitalize on the free storage space.

There’s also a massive 15% educational discount, the largest on a Samsung smartphone ever, so it’s well worth grabbing if you can take advantage of it. As for Fold 4 users, you’ll be happy to know that you can get up to a $1,000 trade-in value, so it’s not that bad of an idea to upgrade to the Fold 5. If you have an older device, you can get a decent trade-in value for those too, tablet or phone. It’s well worth pricing out, at the very least.

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