Use Grubhub? This trick gets you free delivery for two years

The Grubhub app on a smartphone

It’s Friday night. You’re tired from a long work week. You decide to treat yourself to a nice meal from that cool new spot across town, but you’re already in your pajamas. You worked hard this week. You deserve it. So you whip out your phone, order it on Grubhub, then do a spit take when you see the price. Delivery fees on mobile ordering apps are no joke. Thankfully, there’s a way to skip all of that.

It’s called Grubhub+, and it will save you a ton of cash. Normally you have to weight the cost of a $10 monthly membership against how many fees you really rack up. But right now, Amazon Prime members can get a year of Grubhub+ absolutely free. That’s right, no strings attached. As long as you are a Prime Member who also has a Grubhub account, you get a year of the service for free. If you sign up by July 5, you’ll get two free years. Prime Day 2023 has come early.

Why you should buy Grubhub+

If you’re currently an Amazon Prime member, there really isn’t a reason not to redeem this offer. It’s quite literally free. But even when Grubhub+ was $10 per month, the argument for investing was convincing. If you’re even a semi-frequent Grubhub user, then a Grubhub+ account is worth your money. It’s $10 per month, and it gets you free delivery on most orders. If you’re ordering at least three times per month, you’ll definitely be saving money.

Not all orders come with free delivery, and you may still have to pay other fees, for instance service fees and taxes. And don’t forget to tip your drivers! But $3.50 delivery fees really start to add up after a while. When you see the full price of your cheeseburger and fries on the payment screen, it can sometimes be enough to cancel it entirely. Do yourself a favor and get the free membership already.

Right now all Amazon Prime members can redeem one or two free years of Grubhub+, just by being Prime members. There really is no reason not to. Sign up at the link below, then order yourself a celebratory dinner — delivery fee free!

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