Warzone: best ISO 45 loadout

The ISO 45 SMG is the newest weapon added to Call of Duty: Warzone during Season 4, alongside the Tempus Razorback rifle. This SMG is, as expected, ideal for close-range encounters in Warzone, and it’s perfect for the new Vondel map. As always, building weapons with the best attachments can be an overwhelming process, but this guide is here to help. This is the best ISO 45 Warzone loadout.

The best ISO 45 loadout

The ISO 45 in Warzone.
Muzzle Lockshot KT85
Laser 1mw Quick Fire Laser
Magazine 45 Round Mag
Stock SK-3 Cheetah
Rear Grip EXP Shear

Statistically, the ISO 45 comes out ahead of previous close-range meta weapons like the Lachmann Sub, VEL 46, and Vaznev-9K — at least within the first nine meters. It’s also worth noting the ISO 45 has a fast fire rate, meaning you’ll likely blow through ammo quickly if you aren’t accurate with your shots.

With this loadout, you’ll mostly want to focus on close to midrange gunfights. Start with the Lockshot KT85 Muzzle for improved vertical and horizontal recoil control. Next, we recommend the 1mw Quick Fire Laser to improve your aim down sights (ADS) speed (while compensating for the Muzzle’s downsides).

Next, you have to use the 45 Round Mag with the ISO 45 to ensure you have enough ammo to take down your opponents. After that, go with the SK-3 Cheetah Stock, which improves your sprint speed, crouch movement speed, aim walking speed, and ADS times. Finish off the build with the EXP Shear Rear Grip for yet another boost to ADS speed and sprint-to-fire times, making it feel snappy.

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