What to do with the Severed Hand in Remnant 2

As you work your way through the multiple challenging and mysterious biomes in Remnant 2, you’ll discover a wide variety of important items that will find their way into your inventory. Most of these are used to solve puzzles, open doors, or otherwise engage with the game world in some way. But if you’ve come across the Severed Hand and wondered why you haven’t found a use for it yet, there’s a good reason for that. We’ll share what to do with the Severed Hand below.

What to do with the Severed Hand in Remnant 2

When you’re trudging through The Great Sewer, you may come across the Severed Hand, which you can shoot down from a cage hanging high above you. But as you continue your journey through the dank underground section of Losomn, you’ll find that this item seemingly has no use to you at all. This is because it’s not actually a puzzle or key at all – it’s just meant to be examined. By opening up your inventory and inspecting the Severed Hand, you’ll be able to interact with the ring on its finger to receive one of two different rings. Which one you get is randomized on each playthrough, so you will obviously need to find the Severed Hand multiple times to get them both, which you can do by rerolling Losomn at the World Stone.

The two rings you can receive are:

  • Ring of the Damned – Increases your damage by 10% while gray health is present.
  • Strong Arm Band – Increases your throw distance by 30 and improves combat consumables effectiveness by 0.5%.

Regardless of which item you get, though, isn’t it just nice not to be carrying around a hand anymore?

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