Where to buy ammo in Starfield

Unless you’re running a melee build in Starfield, you will be seeing all your combat encounters down the barrel of one of the dozens of guns in the game. For as many different types of guns as there are, there are almost as many ammo types, from shotgun shells to various sizes of bullets and energy cells. Ammo runs out fast, and even with skills to increase damage, you’re going to run out in just a couple of firefights most of the time. You might get lucky and get some of the correct type back off of bodies or in crates, but soon you’ll need to restock your inventory before going on your next mission. When that happens, you’ll realize that Starfield doesn’t give you any indication of where to buy ammo, or even where shops are located to check. Instead of scouring the corners of space looking for some precious ammo, here are the best places to fill up your magazines.

Where to buy ammo

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There isn’t a single location to buy ammo in the Settled Systems, which is good, but the downside is that each vendor only carries so much and may not have the type you’re looking for. Here are the most reliable and easy-to-reach shops that carry most ammo types.

On New Atlantis, look for the Centurian Arsenal shop. To reach it, fast travel to the Residential District. This is a big yellow building across from Apollo Tower that you need to load into. Since you spend a lot of time on New Atlantis between missions anyway, this is a perfect spot to check in to buy out their ammo, which has nearly all types for sale.

If you still need more firepower, go down into the Well via the elevator in the MAST and find the UC Surplus store for a secondary weapon shop. Finally, the UC Distribution Center in the Commercial District, which is to your right when you fast travel there, has a decent selection as well.

On Akila, you have two very convenient ammo sources. First is the Rowland Arms shop which is on the left side of the main square when you first enter the city. The other isn’t as obvious, tucked away further back and without any obvious signs, but is called Laredo Firearms. Both of these vendors have a nice selection of ammo, and hitting both only takes a minute or two.

Last up, we have Neon. This city is quite dense and confusing, but it is known for its crime so it is a great source of ammo if you can figure out where to go. The store you’re looking for is Neon Tactical, which you will find on the main strip with the big red, white, and blue sign right beside the Trade Authority shop. There are also a handful of other, smaller shops in Neon that sell ammo, but Tactical is the one you should hit if you’re in a pinch and need the best selection.

Whichever location you go to, odds are they won’t have as much ammo as you need or want, but there is a way to get around this. If you simply find a bed or chair and sleep or wait for 24 hours, all vendors will restock their goods and you can buy them out again.

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