Xbox Series S Prime Day deal: Cheapest price today

The Xbox Series S console on its side with controller.

When the newest generation of consoles dropped, it was almost impossible to get one. The chip shortage hurt production, and the pandemic hurt supply lines and delivery all around. That era has passed, and we can now get some fantastic Xbox Series S and X deals. Prime Day deals don’t hurt either. Right now the cheapest way to grab an Xbox Series S is by getting a renewed model at Amazon. We’ll get more into what “renewed” means down below. For now, all you need to know is this: You can get an Xbox Series S for $199 during Prime Day.

Why you should buy a refurbished Xbox Series S on Prime Day

The Xbox Series S is the younger sibling of the Series X. It has a little bit less power and doesn’t take discs, just downloaded games. It will still play any game you want though. When you compare the Xbox Series S vs Series X, the X has a better GPU, more RAM and memory bandwidth, and the ability to render 8K. It’s also almost twice as expensive when neither one has a discount. If none of these features sound like deal breakers for you (or you don’t even have an 8K TV), the Xbox Series S should serve you fine. It’s the budget option for more casual gamers.

Now about that suspicious word, “renewed.” You can lower your hackles. Yes, renewed items mean that someone else had them at some point. It also means that they have been restored to factory quality by dedicated professionals. The seal on the packaging may be broken but this Xbox Series S will function like its brand new. We’re big advocates for renewed products here at Digital Trends. Things like refurbished laptop deals help cut down on the amount of electronic waste in the world, and they save you money in the process.

A renewed Xbox Series S will cost you just $199 if you buy it during Prime Day deals. This is by far the cheapest way to place current-gen games. It’s certainly the lowest price Amazon has ever sold the device for, beating the previous low of $ Grab it before it sells out, because this deal likely won’t last all the way through Prime Day.

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