Your next Mac monitor could have this genius new feature

Apple has crafted a thriving ecosystem of smart home devices that work with its HomeKit platform, and we could see an interesting new addition if the company’s latest big idea comes to fruition. If it does, you could see your Mac’s display double up as a handy smart home accessory.

The news comes from journalist Mark Gurman, who has previously leaked accurate details about Apple’s future plans. According to the paid-for section of Gurman’s Power On newsletter, Apple is developing a Mac monitor that could double up as a smart home display when you Mac is idle.

The Mac Studio and Studio Display on a desk.

Like the Studio Display that Apple currently sells, this new monitor would be equipped with an iOS chip. But unlike the A13 chip inside the Studio Display — which is used to control the screen’s camera and audio output — the new monitor’s chip would add extra features you don’t currently see in the Studio Display.

For instance, Gurman thinks it could show information like notifications and the weather when your connected Mac is in low power mode. That would take the device beyond being simply a Mac monitor and towards more of a general-purpose smart home display.

If you watched Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, this will be a familiar concept. At the show, Apple introduced a new feature in iOS 17 called StandBy, which shows you widgets, Live Activities, photos, and more while your iPhone is on its side and charging. By the sound of it, this mysterious new monitor could work in a similar way.

More monitors in the works

A person works at a station equipped with the all new Mac Studio and Studio Display.

As well as the smart home display, Gurman believes Apple is working on several other monitors. While the journalist didn’t share much information on these products, they could be updates to the Studio Display and Apple’s Pro Display XDR, which hasn’t been refreshed since it was first introduced alongside the Mac Pro in 2019.

Don’t expect to get your hands on one of these displays any time soon. Gurman says that they are still a long way from being released, with a tentative launch date of 2024 “at the earliest.” We’ll just have to wait and see what moves Apple makes, and whether the company is able to shake up the world of smart home displays in the way it wants to.

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